Updates to WhatsApp’s Conversation based pricing | Category prices for Indian Users from 1st June 2023

We will outline the key rules and guidelines surrounding WhatsApp Conversation Pricing.

WhatsApp pricing is categorised into four distinct categories:

1. Marketing conversation category -

Offer, Promotions messages: 77 Paisa per conversation

2. Authentication - 

OTP Messages : 33 Paisa per conversation

3. Utility conversation category -

Transactional, Updates Messages : 33 Paisa per conversation

4. Service conversation category - 

Custom Message replies to user’s message (No Approval Needed) : 33 Paisa per conversation

1000 initial conversations per month are free for Service category messages ( user initiated conversation ) only from 1st June 2023

Important Notes / Rules

○ WhatsApp Conversation is a 24-hour messaging window initiated only when a business messages a user.

○ Starting April 1, 2023 template approval will require category validation using our new

categories — Utility, Authentication and Marketing.

If a business replies to a user with a template message or sends a template message in an open service conversation, this opens a new conversation based on the template category.

○ For all Service Category conversations charges, it will only start when there are no other three category conversations ongoing, and a business responds to a user within 24 hours This means that you are only charged for service category conversation when there is no previous conversation window open with the user.

○ When businesses engage in conversations that involve multiple categories such as Marketing,Authentication, Utility, or Service, charges will be applied separately for each category's conversation window initiated. When you send different types of message categories to users, there are a few important things to know about the charges:

■ Separate Charges: Each category of messages you send, like Marketing, Authentication, Utility,  or Service, has its own charges. You pay for each category separately. This means that if you send messages that fall into different categories to the same user in a 24-hour window, you will be charged for each category separately.

■ 24-Hour Window: When you start a conversation in a specific category, you have 24 hours to chat without any extra charges. This gives you ample time to communicate with your customers.

Examples of the pricing implementation


Opening a marketing conversation inside a service conversation

A service conversation is opened at 9:31 when a business response to a customer message is delivered. A marketing template is delivered while this service conversation is still open at 4:30. This opens a separate marketing conversation. The result is one charge for a service conversation and one charge for a marketing conversation.


Opening a utility conversation inside a marketing conversation

 A marketing conversation is opened at 3:40 when a marketing template message is delivered. Later, with the marketing conversation still open, a utility template is delivered at 6:00. This opens a separate utility conversation. The result is one charge for a marketing conversation and one charge for a utility conversation


Two templates of the same category result in only one conversation charge. A utility conversation is opened at 9:00 when a utility template message is delivered. Later, with the utility conversation still open, another utility template message is delivered at 11:00. There is no new conversation charge because the template category used within the open conversation window did not change. The result is one utility conversation charge.


One template with both utility and marketing content

A template that includes content that is both utility and marketing based on our template guidelines is delivered at 11:59. Whenever marketing content is identified in a template, the template will be categorized as marketing. The result is one marketing conversation charge.

WhatsApp Pricing Categories

Please review the following information carefully to ensure a clear understanding of how this pricing structure impacts your communication strategies.

Marketing message Category

The Marketing category includes messages primarily intended for promotional purposes, such as product updates, special offers, general advertisements, or promotional messages

 Every Conversation window will have a duration of 24 hours and during which further marketing message with the user will not incur additional charges.

 Please note that each separate Marketing message conversation window will be charged at 77 Paisa for Indian Users.

Utility Category

○ The Utility category includes messages that provide users with relevant and helpful information, such as delivery updates, transaction receipts, account notifications, or post payment confirmation

○ Please note that each separate Utility message conversation window will be charged at 33 Paisa for Indian Users

Service Category

○ When a customer sends you a message, you have a 24-hour window called the customer service window. Within this 24-hour period, you can respond to the customer's messages freely, using free form messages.

If the customer sends you a message within the 24-hour window, the timer resets, giving you another 24 hours to respond. As long as it has been less than 24 hours since their last message, you can continue to communicate with the customer using free form messages.

○ If a customer sends you a message and there is no ongoing conversation such as Marketing, Authentication, Utility. Then you can reply with a free form message, then service category charges will be initiated.

○ On the other hand, if there is already an active ongoing conversation such as Marketing, Authentication, Utility and then the user sends a message, you can respond with a free form message as well. You won't be charged for service category charges in this case.

○ The Service category involves messages related to personalized customer support, addressing queries, and providing assistance.

○ Please note that each separate Service message conversation window will be charged at 33 Paisa for Indian Users.

Authentication Category

○ The Authentication category includes messages related to OTP messages such as account registration, account recovery, and integrity challenges.

○ Please note that each separate Authentication message conversation window will be charged at 33 Paisa for Indian Users

Free Credits

1000 initial conversations per month are free for Service category messages ( user initiated conversation ) only from 1st June 2023