Questioning that your WhatsApp Business API profile really needs the Official WhatsApp Green Badge?

Not having the Green Tick won't affect your business' marketing & conversions on WhatsApp, but it definitely does have a plus point that we will see in this blog.

In this blog, we'll discuss whether the WhatsApp Green Tick is a must for your WhatsApp Business profile, or you still can operate your WhatsApp Business API account without it!

What is WhatsApp Green Tick?

The green tick on WhatsApp is a verification badge that signifies that an account, typically belonging to a notable business, celebrity, or organization, has been verified as genuine by WhatsApp. It appears as a green tick icon next to the account's name in chats and group conversations. This badge helps users distinguish between authentic accounts and potential impostors, providing a level of trust when interacting with verified accounts.

Is WhatsApp Green Tick really necessary to use WhatsApp Business API?


Getting the WhatsApp Green Tick is not so easy, a company requires multiple things to be taken care of before they can apply!
But even without a Green Tick a company still can access all the features of WhatsApp Business API

Here are some major points to get the Green Tick:

  • Eligibility: Ensure that your business is eligible for the WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp often focuses on larger enterprises and medium-sized businesses.
  • Apply for WhatsApp Business API: Submit an application to access the WhatsApp Business API. You can do this through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like WhatsTool Business which is Powered by WhatsApp Official Business Api.
  • Well-established Brand: A major factor that Meta considers is whether the brand is well-established or not. Having a few organic PR articles on the web can help establish yourself as a well-known brand (paid articles don't count).
  • Good website SEO: Your website should rank 1st whenever someone searches for your website.
The ONLY difference between a verified & unverified WhatsApp Business API account is the Official Green Badge. A verified WhatsApp Business Account appears with the business' display name.
Verified Account

 while unverified WhatsApp Business accounts display a user's phone number.

What makes Green Tick important?

WhatsApp green checkmark/tick is important for businesses as it fosters trust, enhances customer confidence, offers useful tools for communication, and contributes to a positive brand image, all of which can lead to better customer engagement and business success.
  • Trust and Authenticity: The Green Tick badge provides a visual confirmation to users that they are interacting with a legitimate and verified business. This helps build trust and credibility, especially in an environment where scams and fake accounts are prevalent.
  • Customer Confidence: When customers see the green checkmark, they are more likely to engage with the business, respond to messages, and make inquiries or purchases, knowing that they are dealing with an authentic entity.
  • Profile Recognition: The badge makes the business profile stand out and easily identifiable in chats and group conversations, making it easier for customers to find and connect with the business.
  • Features and Tools: Verified business accounts often have access to additional features and tools provided by WhatsApp for business communication. These tools can enhance the customer experience, such as automated responses, catalog sharing, and customer support features.
  • Official Communication: For businesses, having a verified account can help in official communication with customers, suppliers, and partners. It can also prevent impersonation and misinformation by ensuring that customers know they are interacting with the real business.
  • Brand Image: Displaying the green tick/checkmark badge can enhance a business's brand image, as it signifies professionalism and a commitment to providing a reliable and authentic presence on WhatsApp.

Even without the Green Tick on WhatsApp, you can do all this with WhatsTool Business:

  • Broadcast messages: Broadcast offers, promotional messages to thousands of users in one go.
  • Automate Notifications: Allows for the implementation of automated responses & notifications, facilitating quick and efficient customer support and service.
  • Integration with Business Systems: Integrates with existing CRM and business systems, streamlining operations and providing a seamless experience for both businesses and customers.
  • Unified team-inbox: Real-time monitoring of all conversations with unlimited devices on one number.

Get WhatsApp Green Tick for FREE with WhatsTool Business

As you have finished up at this point, there are numerous factors that impact whether your business gets verified. That is the reason it's vital to have a resource you can go to for help.

WhatsTool Business is an official WhatsApp Business API provider. By setting up an account with us, you can get the insight and support necessary to get the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your business for FREE!

However, it's not a necessity, even without the Green Tick you can easily utilize all the features of WhatsToo Business, the WhatsApp Green Tick certainly adds a factor of Trust & Authentication to your WhatsApp profile.