WhatsApp Business Display Name

The WhatsApp display name for a business is the designated name that appears at the top of the business profile on the messaging platform. It serves as a succinct and recognizable identifier for the business, allowing users to easily associate communications with the brand. This name should be clear, professional, and aligned with the business's overall brand identity. It is a crucial element in establishing a distinct and memorable presence on WhatsApp, facilitating seamless interactions between the business and its customers. Compliance with WhatsApp's guidelines is essential to ensure that the display name accurately represents the business while adhering to platform policies and maintaining a positive user experience.

How to choose a WhatsApp Business Display Name?

Creating a WhatsApp Business Display Name may seem straightforward, but it involves careful consideration to effectively represent your brand while adhering to WhatsApp's guidelines. The challenge lies in striking a balance between clarity, professionalism, and brand identity within the platform's character limits. It's important to choose a name that is not only easy to understand and remember but also aligns with your target audience's expectations. Ensuring availability, avoiding special characters, and staying compliant with WhatsApp's policies are additional factors that contribute to the complexity. The process requires thoughtful decision-making to establish a strong and recognizable presence, making it more nuanced than it might initially appear.

WhatsApp Display Name Ideas & Guidelines

Choosing a WhatsApp Business Display Name requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. It's a crucial element in establishing your brand on the platform and contributing to a positive user experience for your customers. Regularly review WhatsApp's guidelines for any updates to stay in compliance and maintain a strong online presence.

Choosing a WhatsApp Business Display Name involves several considerations to create a compelling and effective representation of your brand. Here's an in-depth explanation of the key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Reflect Your Business Identity:

    Start by using your official business name as the display name. This provides immediate clarity and helps customers easily identify your brand on WhatsApp.
  2. Clarity and Simplicity:

    Opt. for a display name that is clear, simple, and easy to understand. Avoid using complex terms or jargon that may confuse users.
  3. Brand Recognition:

    Ensure that your display name is easily recognizable and consistent with your overall brand identity. This includes aligning with your logo, color scheme, and other visual elements associated with your brand.
  4. Relevance to Your Audience:

    Consider your target audience and choose a display name that resonates with them. Think about what would appeal to your customers and make your brand memorable to them.
  5. Include Relevant Keywords:

    If applicable, include relevant keywords that describe your business. This can improve the discoverability of your business when users search for specific products or services.
  6. Avoid Special Characters:

    While you may want to stand out, excessive use of special characters can make your display name look unprofessional. Stick to alphanumeric characters for a cleaner appearance.
  7. Conciseness:

    WhatsApp has character limits for display names, so keep it concise. A shorter and well-phrased name is more likely to be memorable and easily readable.
  8. Check Availability:

    Verify that the display name you want is available and not already in use by another business. A unique name will help you distinguish your brand.
  9. Long-Term Viability:

    Choose a display name that can stand the test of time. Avoid names that might become outdated quickly or may need frequent changes, as consistency is key in building brand recognition.
  10. Adherence to WhatsApp Guidelines:

    Ensure that your display name complies with WhatsApp's guidelines and terms of service. Avoid offensive language, misleading information, or anything that violates the platform's policies.
  11. Testing with Others:

    Before finalizing your display name, seek feedback from colleagues or team members. They may offer valuable insights and catch potential issues that you might have overlooked.
  12. Update as Needed:

    Be prepared to update your display name if there are changes to your business name or if you're running special promotions. This ensures that your display name remains relevant and aligned with your current business identity.

How will your Display Name appear on WhatsApp?

You can either have a standard WhatsApp Business API Account, which displays a number & name on the user's screen, or you can have an official Green Tick Verified WhatsApp Business Account, which appears with the Display Name on a user's screen with a verified Green Tick.

Standard WhatsApp Business API Account

However, The Display name appears with a Green Tick which is a direct acknowledgement from WhatsApp that the business is credible & trustworthy as:

Green Tick Verified Account

How to change the WhatsApp Display name in WhatsApp Business API account?

You can change your WhatsApp Show name 10 times in 30 days, after which you want to contact Facebook support to change it anymore.

If you have an official WhatsApp Business Account (Green Tick), Contact Facebook's Direct Support & provide the following details to change display name in your WhatsApp Business Account:

  • Question Topic: Request an Official Business Account
  • Request Type: Update OBA Display Name

For any general WhatsApp Business API Account, follow the steps to change your display name:

  1. Go to Business Manager and select your business.
  2. Click on "WhatsApp Accounts", choose WhatsApp Manager.
  3. In WhatsApp Manager, click on "Account Tools".
  4. Now, navigate to the left-most menu and click Phone Numbers.
  5. Under the Name column, hover over your current display name and select the pencil icon.
  6. In the Edit Display Name section, enter a new display name.
  7. Select Next.

All Done!

Make sure that your Display Name follows the WhatsApp Display Name guidelines (as mentioned above), it will get approved in a couple of hours.

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