Facebook Business Verification is different from Facebook Page Verification and it comes with its own benefits. When you verify your Facebook business manager account, you get access to different tools and products and it’s the stepping stone to accessing WhatsApp Business API to build chatbots.

Why you should verify your Facebook Business Manager account?

Many Facebook advertising accounts are terminated for a variety of reasons. The Facebook Business Manager’s Business Verification feature is one potential aid. 

The closure of Facebook ad accounts could be caused by a variety of circumstances. Facebook sites have also been banned despite doing nothing wrong and having their accounts falsely flagged. If the ad’s substance is even somewhat connected to politics or social issues, it may be related to election season and increased scrutiny. 

Facebook has frequently requested that business manager accounts in these situations get their business accounts verified.

 Business verification does not imply that all issues are resolved. Facebook’s preference for verified business manager accounts over unverified business manager accounts only helps.

If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager Account, you can create one by visiting this link. 

Now, let’s talk about how you can complete Facebook Business Verification.

Steps to verify Facebook business manager account

Step 1: Go to Facebook Business Manager.  

Step 2: Select the business account if you already have a business. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager account, you can create one by visiting this link.

Step 3: On the left navigation, click on the ‘Business Settings’ option.

Step 4:  Go to ‘Security Centre on the left navigation from the ‘Business Setting page.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Start Verification’ button.

Step 6: Fill in your Business Details on the following form.

How Long does it take to verify a Facebook Business manager account?

After applying for verification, it might take 1-5 business days to get a reply back from Facebook. After that, if everything goes with the Facebook policies, your business manager will get approved.


After applying for verification, it might take 1-5 business days to get a reply back from Facebook. After that, if everything goes with the Facebook policies, your business manager will get approved. 

Once the Facebook verification is complete, you can access valuable features such as WhatsApp business API.  

To apply for WhatsApp Business APIs, you can use this link.

What documents should I share to verify the Facebook business manager account?

In some cases, no documents are required for Facebook Business Verification because Facebook may be able to match your business against the publicly available records. In that case,  select from the list of publicly available records that Facebook shares with you.

Facebook Business Verification matches your details against public records. However, if Facebook couldn’t find any details, you must submit the following documents.

Documents to submit to verify Facebook Business Manager Account

  1. Legal Name Document – One of the below documents
    – Business Registration (BR)
    – Company Incorporation Certificate
    – Tax/VAT Certificate
  2. Address Proof Document – One of the below documents
    – Bank Account Statement
    – Utility Bill (Phone/Electricity Bill)

A one-time password (OTP) will be issued to you through text, email, or phone call as soon as you have submitted the required documentation to Facebook Business Manager for verification.  

The phone number option is still unavailable for some nations. You should receive the verification code right away.  

You can ask for a new one if it isn’t there. Please read this article on correcting phone number inaccuracies if you are still having problems receiving a code. 

You can check the current status of your verification by going to Facebook Business Manager>Business Settings> Security Center. The table below shows what documents you can submit to verify facebook business verification processing for your country of residence.

Apart from sharing the above documents, you must verify your business domain. For domain verification, Facebook will send a code to your registered business email address, and you must enter it.

What are common reasons for the rejection of Business Verification? 

  • Legal Name Document & Address Proof Document have different addresses – Please ensure all documents have the same address.
  • Business Legal Name not found in the website URL submitted – Ensure your company’s legal name is on the footer of your website.
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After successful verification, you can apply for WhatsApp Business API to create a Chatbot to manage your customers and prospect queries.
  • Business Email Address not used during verification: Use your registered business email address for Facebook Business Verification.

If I verify the Facebook Business Manager account, will it help get Blue Tick Verification on my Facebook Page or Green Tick Verification on WhatsApp?​

Facebook Business Verification is different from Facebook Page Blue Tick Verification and WhatsApp Account Green Tick Verification. 

While Business Verification on Facebook is granted to all valid businesses, the public verification ticks (blue tick and green tick) are only approved for highly reputed businesses. There are no fixed criteria/eligibility for the same.

How does Business verification help Facebook?

If you verify your Facebook business manager account, you’re helping Facebook 

Another way to complete this step is through the domain verification process.

  • Identify your business as a legal entity. For this, do ensure your business is registered with the local government and you’ll need to have an official phone number or postal address.
  • Identify yourself as the company’s authorised representative. To complete this step, you should receive a verification code sent to your company’s phone number or email address. 

Do all businesses need to go through Business Verification?

Not every company must undergo business verification. You only have to confirm your business if you wish to use a certain product or feature, like 

Developer Features: Only companies with apps whose app reviews have begun or ended for certain APIs are eligible for business verification.

When your app has been approved for these APIs and you are a business developer, you will get a notification in your app dashboard inbox requesting you to complete Facebook business verification. 

Instant Games: All Instant Game creators are required to complete the business verification process and submit their apps for evaluation. Only verified developers can distribute their games as a result. 

News Page: Publishers who want to submit their Page for inclusion in the news Page index must first validate their company.

Meta Business Partners: To participate in the programme as a badged partner, all participants must have a verified business. Even if they already meet all of the programme requirements, they will still need to have a verified business when they apply. If a participant loses its position as a verified business after admission, it can be kicked out of the programme unless it can promptly fix the problem.

 WhatsApp Business API: With automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, and interactive messages, organisations may automate communication using the WhatsApp Business API. To use a WhatsApp business API, you must have a WhatsApp business account and a verified FaceBook business account.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API?


  • WhatsApp Phone Number – This phone number will be non-transferable and is meant only for business purposes. If you want to use an existing WhatsApp Business number, follow these steps.
  • Business Display Name – Should have a clear relationship with the Business.  Check out the display name guidelines to know more.
  • Verified Facebook Business Manager ID  – It should be verified by uploading business documents.  If you do not have a Facebook Business, please create one by clicking here.

To verify your Facebook Business, please follow these steps.

Once you have these details, you can fill in the details here to get WhatsApp API approval in less than five days.   

When you verify the Facebook business account, it helps your business in several ways and one of them as mentioned above is access to WhatsApp Business API to improve your business goals and customer experience.

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