Retargeting campaigns remind your website visitors of your products and services after they leave your website without buying. After visiting specific pages, it allows you to retarget them and show your visitors relevant visual or text ads when they visit other websites.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is the strategy of directly advertising to users who have shown interest in a product, application, or other conversions, but who have in some way lapsed from completing the conversion or retaining interest.

You’re sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. That’s great — but are you also promoting your business on one of the most popular playgrounds around? We’re talking about WhatsApp, of course. WhatsApp promotional messages are a powerful way to get the word out about your brand or business.

To maintain a high-quality user experience, WhatsApp only allows new customers to initiate conversations while businesses can only proactively message Contacts in their customer lists. WhatsApp is therefore a remarketing platform.

Promotional Messages on WhatsApp: The WhatsTool Way

Let’s talk about how to send promotional messages on WhatsApp. To get started, you need a WhatsApp Business API account and Whatstool. in the account. You also need a Contact list, which you can build with the following methods:

  • Import Contacts from customer lists
  • Click to chat links
  • Click to chat ads

Broadcast Promotions to a Wide Audience

Perhaps you run a supermarket franchise and want to promote monthly offers to your online shoppers. You’ve been using email newsletters, but chances are customers are ignoring them. Instead, send WhatsApp Broadcasts for this type of remarketing exercise.

Automate Promotional Messages with Triggers

Say you’re the owner of a premium gadget store. You’ve noticed that online shoppers spend a significant amount of time browsing and selecting items, but there’s a consistently high percentage of abandoned carts.

Return-to-cart emails recover some 10% of that potential revenue but WhatsApp messages reach users while the intent or desire is still fresh. Nearly 80% of WhatsApp messages are read within 5 minutes, far superior to email’s lower and slower open rates.