We have a major update on Contact & CRM dashboard, Automation & Chatbot Flows with default actions, and a new user onboarding for setting up WhatsApp Business API Number.

Contact & CRM

Editable table for setting up all information like labels & custom fields.

New Pagination UI added.

The search & filter section improved.

Add New Labels & Custom Field added.

Bulk labels assign to contacts.

Bulk custom field assigns to contacts.

New Contact Information page where you can assign labels and custom fields.

Start chatting, edit contact information,

The import contact section gets improved.


   In automation, we have introduced a new section which is called default actions, where any businesses can take action as per their working hours and accordingly chatbot flow will get triggered.

Default Actions

  • Chatbot Flow
    • In the chatbot flow list, we have added one more column in which all trigger keywords will be shown there.

User Onboarding

    In user onboarding, we have introduced a new way of connecting your WhatsApp Business API number to our dashboard. 

Here you need to give your all information for creating your WhatsApp Business API Number, after providing all information and granting access to us on your Meta Business Dashboard, you'll just have to wait for a few hours. After creating all the things related to the meta dashboard and connecting that to our dashboard, you'll get a notification of completion.