Steps to get a Credit Card

You can apply for a business credit card from SBI here -> link

Apart from SBI, there are many businesses that offer credit cards for businesses, you can go to their website and apply for it.

Steps to get a new number for WhatsApp API

 Go to Alohaa's website by clicking on the link here - > link

You can apply for a virtual number to be used for WhatsApp API by filling your details on their website. 

Steps to create a privacy policy for your website

1. Go to the website by clicking on the link here -> link

2. Enter your business information in the given fields.

3. Check the personal information you collect from your users on the site.

4. Select and give information on how users can contact you.

5. Select the option "No, I don't want a Professional Privacy Policy"

6. Enter the email address you want the privacy policy to be sent.

7. Publish that content on your website under the following URL format :