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  CleanFanatic is a leading 11-year old on-demand home cleaning services provider.

Industry: Cleaning services

Scope of work:

  •  WhatsApp Chatbot Implementation
  • Streamlining chat support
  • Qualifying leads from too many enquiries

Challenges faced :

  • Too many un-attended inbound enquiries for services : their 15-member team were overwhelmed with number of enquiries.
  • Using google sheets too maintain leads and run campaign : very ineffective once the things scale.
  • Lesser number of website visitors turning into customers
  • Customer want the ease of booking services from a app but do not want to download app.
  • Losing out on too many leads because of lack of process for segmenting and retargeting users. 

Key Results and KPIs Impacted : 

  • Reduction in time taken for chat support.
  • 30% Increase in number of bookings.
  • Retargeting helped boost bookings as well as repeat customers.

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