The article shares the WhatsTool Business journey so far and how the team celebrated the third anniversary online and offline.

On the first of February WhatsTool Business celebrated its third anniversary. Finding its genesis in Hazaribagh, Sujeet Mehta(Founder) decided to move to Bangalore with his two reliable developers - Animesh and Mayank. 

WhatsTool was created with the idea to help medium and large business grow their business on WhatsApp. Keeping this in mind the team expanded to the Silicon Valley of India.

Three years later - WhatsTool Business has found a strong base of reliable customers and a growing team strength of 20 in Bengaluru and Hazaribagh (14 working in Bengaluru and the rest supporting the team from Hazaribaugh).

Team shares on the journey

Enough for the current team to celebrate the day. Apart from sharing the anniversary update on social media, we also decided to speak to the first three employees - Ashish, Mayank and Madhushree.

Ashish - who is the first employee and the brain behind our Android and IOS app had to share this:

“WhatsTool holds a special place in my heart as I proudly stand as its first employee, making it my inaugural professional venture. It’s a unique experience to celebrate both my work and company anniversaries on the same day, adding an extra layer of significance to the occasion.

Throughout my journey at WhatsTool, I’ve garnered invaluable experiences and enhanced my skills significantly. I look forward to contributing further to the success and innovation that define our dynamic company.”

Ashish Whatstool

Mayank - the second employee and the face of our frontend tech added more to the conversation:

“I am celebrating 2.5 years with the company on its 3rd anniversary today. My journey here has been fulfilling, marked by continuous growth and valuable experiences. As the second employee, being part of WhatsTool from the start has made it uniquely special.

Thank You and looking forward to the exciting journey ahead!”

Mayank WhatsTool

And finally, Madhushree who is the brain behind all the beautiful designs further added the underline:

“Celebrating our 3rd work anniversary is truly special. As the 3rd employee, I’ve witnessed our team grow from 3 to 20 members, reflecting the dynamic journey of WhatsTool. Working here allows me to showcase my design skills and offers constant opportunities for learning and staying updated. I take pride in contributing to the success and creativity that defines the startup’s vibrant environment—excited for the journey ahead!

Madhushree WhatsTool

WhatsTool Celebrations

To make the celebrations grand we took off from work on Friday. By 11 in the morning, everyone gathered at Area 83 to have an eventful and adventurous day. 

The day started with an okay welcome drink only to be followed by some adventure sports such as a Giant Swing from a height of 40 feet, boat riding, taking a break in the pool, and aiming our teammates with bows and not-so-dangerous arrows. How can I forget the game of cricket and our failed attempt at bubble soccer.

After the evening we were almost exhausted and called it a day around 6. Leaving the resort with enough good memories and a bagful of pictures to brag it on Instagram 🙂

WhatsTool Area83

As we step into the new year with sizeable goals we would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far in this journey.

Thank You!